For "The Dude" in all of us..A group of guys in KY are throwing the 2nd annual Lebowski Fest. Registration fees include all night bowling and prizes for costumes, Lebowski trivia, and perhaps bowling. Regardless, looks like a great way to meet other Cohen Bro fans. PLUS, THE DUDE (actual, not J. Bridges) will be there too. There are great pictures from last years fest and a short, but interesting FAQ. Even though I am not going, I am still going to order one of those cool "nixon bowling" posters!
Site for graphic artists and anyone involved in media - over 200 categories and almost 5000 tutorials on graphics - resources for print, online and video production.
Tunak Tunak Tan!
your life will be changed. you will dance. you will dance like you've never danced in your life. daler mehndi is one of india's biggest pop stars... TUNAK TUANK TAN is a close five minutes of non-stop fun, genius, and amazement.

5 mb download, requires RealPlayer

Trashy Lingerie
L.A. lingerie legends Trashy Lingerie feature off the rack and custom made undies, club wear and sexy gear.
Well known for their sexy Halloween costumes.
Search by category or your favorite model.
5 Minutes To Live
Your friendly Global Marketplace Specializing In All Things Unusual.

They sell DVDs, Videos, Books, Magazines, and more. It's an all purpose sleaze, trash, art house, weirdo, strange and just plain bizarre films, books and more, retail store and video service.

Mix Of The Week
60 - 70 minutes dance music, especially soul + reggae,dub,latin sounds ready for download,mp3 or real audio
The History of Halloween
Everything you ever wanted to know about Halloween, brought to you by the History Channel
500 Photoshop Tutorials
Among the many tutorials:
Photoshop Elements tutorials
Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements with these helpful tutorials.
Animation and interactivity
Gif animations, javascript rollovers, Imageready and Photoshop slices and other animation and interactivity issues
Color correction and color theory
Color correction, color theory, color profiles, monitor calibration and more color related issues
Graphics optimization and compression
Graphics formats, Jpeg compression, gif compression, Tiff, Eps and many other Photoshop image optimization techniques
Illustration techniques
Creative tutorials on different drawing and illustration techniques using Photoshop tools and filters
Interfaces design
Buttons, wires, rusty and shiny metal surfaces, 3d interfaces, and many other interfaces components.
Layers and channels
Layer effects, layer styles, channel operations, blending modes, layer sets, and other layer related topics
Photo retouching
Combine images, erase backgrounds, extract elements from an image, bring to life old photos and modify reality!
Plugins and filters
Know the capabilities of the most creative and important Photoshop plugins and filters with these tutorials
Quick tips
Fast tips to improve your Photoshop experience making your working hours more productive.
Useful tutorials to learn the insights of the scanning process including some techincal printing theory.
Special effects
3d effects, scanlines, lightning effects, and many more amazing effects using photoshop tools.
Text effects
The most requested effects! Wood type, beveled type, marble type, ice, aqua, plastics, metals, etc.
Textures and backgrounds
Create textures and backgrounds to spice up your designs with some clever Photoshop tutorials.
Tools and commands
Discover the features hidden behind the tools and commands. Learn how to conquer Photoshop!
Tuts and Books for people who render people.
Lots of photos of nude people, most with genitals. Maybe you will find them erotic. The pictures you can click to are free, of course they want you to pay to see even more, but really, the ones they have there should be enough.
War Blogging
War Blogging is designed to provide you with a bird's eye view of the perpetual, 1984 style war we've found ourselves in. War Blogging covers the progress of the war and the progress of our civil liberties here on the Home Front.

Excellent blog, definitely worth a click. Be sure to check in on the Index of Evil to find out just how much people are talking about the world's most nefarious persons.

Kiddie Rekord King
A collection of some pretty freaking old kids records. What 3 year-old wouldn't want a Groucho Marx record? Yikes.
So your copy of Heavy Metal Parking Lot is so mint you want to “jump its bownes” and the audio on your Senator Bud Dwyer Blows His Head Off video is so clear you can hear “hey Bud, Bud, don’t!” in your nightmares. You have punk Quincy, punk CHiPS, and a straight-from-TV version of the A.B.C After School Special: The Day My Kid Went Punk. You even made sure to own all three TV Carnage tapes in case your collection left out any Gary Coleman shit. You’re done, right?

WRONG MOTHERFUCKER!!! Dude, you might as well put on a dress and swish around the room for us. The videos listed above are basically the Shrek of rare videos and you are Richard Simmons.

Unless you: black out all your windows with tinfoil, have a kitchen that makes girls gag, and have a small room devoted solely to Star Wars figures, you are not a collector of rare videotapes. These people are on a first-name basis with all the editors at NBC and Fox. They know which band members have what tapes on what tour bus (for some reason Royal Trux and Yo La Tengo seem to come up a lot). They correspond with the staff of Mr. Show and Strangers With Candy, as well as every editor in Hollywood. Not only do they pillage everything eBay has to offer but they actively go out and seek new shit that nobody else has. Like the Reading Rainbow episode about a pathetic comedian named Jeff that only does old folks’ homes or the Dolly Parton home movie where she offers her tits as a funny hat for photo ops. What they collect is more similar to outsider video art than a bunch of rare TV shows. Here’s a randomly selected top 10.

clips from each video are available

or the golden rules of making money...P.T. Barnum, circa 1880
Radio Station Playlists
This site keeps track of how many times your local radio station re-plays a hit song.