Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

Because f**k it, if there hasnt been a straight music video post on LF in ages due to respect of the curation of worthwhile content, this will suffer the slings and arrows of our standards. All hail Kate Bush.

OSW Review: Royal Rumble 1989
A fantastic video podcast series documenting the highs and lows of everything pro wrestling outside of 1998-2002, especially the Hulkamania era. I recommend the entirety, but this is a good starting point as any.  
It should be noted the UK, and Ireland in particular, are exceptionally good at wrestling podcasts. Who can say why...
Everything Is Terrible
EIT is a group dedicated to editing found footage, industrial training videos, home movies, Christian entertainment, and generally anything that was ever published on VHS. They have an incredible backlog going back years worth of posts, and the core editors take great care into editing VHS the old-fashioned way, allowing for wonderous abominations (Commodore Gilgamesh is my GOAT). While their current homepage does not make it easy to find the classics, I beseech thee to use the "search tags" function at the top. Christian, Dance, and Psalty are good baselines, just let your fingers do the walking from there.  
I literally cannot recommend this site any harder.
What is online community? How has it evolved since the days of the electronic Bulletin Board through blogs, social media and online game? How will on evolve over the next 20 years with the evolution of social technology, mobile and wearable technology, augmented reality, big data, machine learning? What impact do online communities have on real-world communities? on buying behaviour? on politics and governance? How will the evolution of community impact our economy, democracy, the arts, and on consciousness itself?