Bell System Practices
Scans of Western Electric Telephones and Equipment manuals and policies. Some of these originally ran 10,000+ pages and were vital to making the telephone system work.
I've been fishing with my son more and have found that I do best, and as well as anyone around me at the time, with just a piece of cane, a little line, and a hook with some foil tied to it.  
That got me to wondering if anyone had made something along the lines of a cane pole I could keep in my pocket. Turns out the have. So began my journey into reading about Tenkara fishing.  
This to me is the culmination of what I want to little as possible in a wee package.
I was a kid of the 1980s. I was a SF/Fantasy loving kid who ate up movies and books with the full glee of a kid creating their pop culture references for the first time. I was there to watch Elliot lay a trail of Reeses Pieces for E.T. I was there to sob as Artax was swallowed in the pits of Despair. It was Inigo Montoya I invoked whenever I picked up a toy sword. I watched The Navigator, Explorers, Legend, the Dark Crystal, Ghostbusters . . . the list goes on. And then there was Labyrinth (1986).