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Why Free Inhalers? Because COAL CARES.  
Coal Cares™ is a brand-new initiative from Cloud Peak Energy, one of America's proud family of coal companies, to reach out to American youngsters with asthma and to help them keep their heads high in the face of those who would treat them with less than full dignity. For kids who have no choice but to use an inhaler, Coal Cares™ lets them inhale with pride.
Is Poker “a gambling game, pure and simple”, as a judge in Louisiana called it in a much-cited 1910 judgment? Or is it a game in which skill plays an important role? The answer may help determine whether online poker games should be covered by a law that prohibits Americans from gambling over the web.  
So far, judges have tended to agree with the 1910 precedent. Future rulings will determine the prospects of a $6 billion industry. Yet there has been very little research into this subject, in part because of the paucity of data.  
A new study by an economist, Steve Levitt, author of “Freakonomics”, and Thomas Miles, his Chicago University colleague, uses data on those who took part in the 2010 World Series of Poker, an annual contest in Las Vegas. Last year it attracted over 32,000 players and gave out more than $185m in prize money. Because the tournament is open to anyone who pays the entry fee, its participants have varying levels of experience and differing records of success or failure.
That rabbits like to hop is hardly a secret. But now European rabbit enthusiasts have harnessed their bunnies' natural talents to create a new spectator sport... rabbit showjumping.  
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World's Biggest PAC-MAN
To promote Namco-Bandai, the creators of the arcade classic, an Australian firm has created what it's calling the World's Biggest Pac-Man game.  
And it's letting users make it even bigger.  
Soap Creative, which designed the official Pac-Man website, rolled out the online game last week. Since then, players have gobbled up nearly 270 million dots and sacrificed the life of video-game history's hungriest golden orb more than 1.4 million times.  
Maybe more impressively? Fans have helped created more than 12,600 interlocking mazes. Players can play on multiple mazes in a single game. The exits that let you zoom to the other side of a maze in the original version of the game transport you to the next maze in this one...
Works in Firefox and Chrome, despite the Made for Internet Explorer 9 label. Facebook login needed to create custom mazes.
Dark Visions (Flash Game)
Nice looking point and click adventure game.  
During the fall of 1928, Emma Fischer travels alone by train to New Hampshire to begin work for her uncle, Dr. Frank Mahler. Upon her arrival she finds that he is strangely absent, and is overcome by the nagging feeling that something is not right. You play the role of Emma as she explores the mysteries of Hill Crest Manor.
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Cards Against Humanity
There aren’t a lot of board games out there for the discriminating aßßhole. Evicting the poor in Monopoly’s fun and all, but that’s old news.  
Fortunately, a bunch of Chicagoland friends have come together and created Cards Against Humanity, a sort of Apples To Apples for the crass and jaded.  
interview with Max Temkin, one of the game's creators, about being such an aßßhole, as well as why that’s totally okay.
IS Parade
IS Parade is the parade generator which enable people to enjoy parade with many people on Twitter.  
Twitter's icon changed to the character. And then, you can make your own parade with your character and others. Let's parade by entering your Twitter ID or any favorite word!!
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"When I signed my contract, my main goal was to earn it," Gil Meche said this week by phone from Lafayette, La. "Once I started to realize I wasn’t earning my money, I felt bad. I was making a crazy amount of money for not even pitching. Honestly, I didn’t feel like I deserved it. I didn’t want to have those feelings again."
A simulator of drunk web design.  
Used a well know site as your starting point, meow ...  
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The arcade action starts with the retro-gaming classic Asteroids and continues with many other Atari arcade titles. In addition to the extensive Atari library, new and existing apps can be easily updated to work with iCADE. Grab hold of iCADE’s full-sized joystick and smash the eight arcade buttons for commanding control of iPad’s on-screen action.
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Isle Of Tune
"Create musical journeys from street layouts. Roadside elements are your instruments and cars the players."  
A very addictive "off beat" music creator.
No. 1: Sachin Tendulkar saved the Old Trafford Test for India in 1990 with an unbeaten 119 in the final innings. At 17 years and 112 days, he was only a month older than Mushtaq Mohammad was when he had become Test cricket's youngest centurion. Wisden noted: "He looked the embodiment of India's famous opener, Gavaskar, and indeed was wearing a pair of his pads."
Lego Antikythera Mechanism
The Antikythera Mechanism is the oldest known scientific computer, built in Greece at around 100 BCE. Lost for 2000 years, it was recovered from a shipwreck in 1901. But not until a century later was its purpose understood: an astronomical clock that determines the positions of celestial bodies with extraordinary precision. In 2010, we built a fully-functional replica out of Lego.  
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