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"We’d like to help," said the Rev. George Nicholas, chairman of the African American Health Equity Task Force. Yet he says no one has contacted the task force, which formed in 2014 to address health disparities. So the group, along with the Buffalo Center for Health Equity and others, is preparing a news release to put the issue on the table.

That’s par for the course. It’s routine around here for policymakers and elected leaders to hatch plans to address community concerns without involving the ground-level experts within those communities.


Governor Cuomo, far from universally loved by New Yorkers, is the right guy for this moment. He is engaged. People can see it with their own eyes.

Meanwhile, de Blasio is at the gym in Park Slope, which would be totally fine if he seemed engaged, ever. Maybe he’s all over this. He’s a hard person to read.

And just a thought...can you imagine Cynthia Nixon being in charge of all this?

“The federal agents who took over the hospital did not allow lawyers or family members to have access to my partner or my son from the moment they arrived in the emergency room,” said Carmen Cruz, the mother of Díaz-Cruz, the young man who was shot in the face on Feb. 6 during an ICE operation.

"No restraints of any kind shall be used when such woman is in labor, admitted to a hospital, institution or clinic for delivery, or recovering after giving birth,” the state law reads.

PS 107 Principal Eve Litwack told parents in an email Thursday that the father pulled his kids out of class on Tuesday as a precaution after feeling ill with what he thought was jet lag. But the parent received a coronavirus confirmation Thursday and quickly alerted school administrators.

His children, Litwack stressed, have not shown any signs of illness.