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About: "modern man has refused to adapt himself to his environment and instead adapted his environment to himself, and as a result we've got to spend half a lifetime going to school just to learn how to cope with that complex, self-created environment. The African Bushmen, on the other hand, have no concept of possessions, and no needs for anything: whatever they need is right around them. " I play guitar, you can hear some of my music here: music Chris' Interests albert bierstadt, animals, apes, aspen, beach volleyball, beaches, belize, bermuda, bigfoot, bill bryson, blue skies, busch in a can, camaros, camping, cape canaveral, carmen electra, cast away, castaway, celebrities, chocolate, cinque terre, cocoa beach, colorado, colors, cooking, costa rica, derek and the dominoes, descendents, desert islands, deserted islands, dogs, doubledrive, duran duran, electric guitars, email, england, enzian, eric clapton, europe, exploring, extremes, florida, florida keys, forests, friendly people, friends of dean martinez, frisbee, gardening, gnomes, godspeed you! black emperor, gossip, gov't mule, grits, growing vegetables, guitar, hammocks, hammond b3, ice cream, ice cube, islands, java, karaoke, kayaking, key largo, key west, lake district, lake trout, lakes, lana'i, lanai, laughing, levanto, london, maui, merritt island, mesa boogie, mexican food, monkeys, mountains, mutiny on the bounty, native americans, neil young, oak ridge high school, old metallica, orlando, outdoors, paradise, park city, parties, paul theroux, philips phile, pirates, planets, playing guitar, prince, reading, real love, riding bikes, rocky mountains, sailboats, sailing, sand, saturday night live, scarface, schatzi, scuba diving, sex, skunk ape, smiles, smoothies, space, streams, suicidal tendencies, sunrises, sunsets, sunshine, swimming, switzerland, tahiti, ted nugent, thai food, that 70's show, the daily show, the keys, the ocean, the sun, tony's deli, travel, travel narratives, travel writers, travel writing, traveling, tropical, tube amps, utah, utopia, vanilla, vegetarians, venice beach, warren haynes, water, waterfalls, what a fuckin penis, wolverine, x-men, yahoo, you Music Dance Party USA Breaks Rhymes Ill beats Movies Scarface, Goodfellas, Legends of the Fall, Fletch, National Lampoons Vacation, Brazil, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Big Lebowski, Mallrats, Ravenous , The Mosquito Coast, Jaws, Cast Away Action/Adventure * Raiders of the Lost Ark * Leon/The Professional * Die Hard Animation * Secret of Nimh * Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh * Wallace & Gromit Comedy * The Party * Captain Ron * Fletch * Christmas Story Drama * The Razor's Edge Family * Swiss Family Robinson Fantasy * LOTR Trilogy * Beastmaster * Carmen Elektra Workout Film-Noir * Third Man * Maltese Falcon Horror * Army of Darkness Independent * Whale Rider Musical * Grease(nothin' mo' better) * Blues Brothers * Jungle Book Mystery * Rebecca Romance * Serendipty * Amelie Thriller * Blow Up * Jaws Scifi * Logan's Run * Close Encounters of the Third Kind * Planet of the apes quadriolgy * Terminator 1 * Aliens War movies are boring to me but * Braveheart * First part of Full Metal Jacket Western * most anything with clint Tough Guy * Goodfellas * Scarface * The Transporter * Heat * Reservoir Dogs Television Saturday Night Live, That 70's Show, Friends, Seinfeld, Ali G, Curb your Enthusiasm Books The Hobbit Mutiny in The Bounty Desert Solitaire - Edward Abbey Happy Isles of Oceania - Paul Theroux Pillars of Hercules - Paul Theroux Notes from a Small island - Bill Bryson The Best American Travel Writing 2000-2003 Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain No Survivors - Will Henry The Rum Diary - Hunter S. Thompson The Curse of Lono - Hunter S. Thompson Kingdom of Fear - Hunter S. Thompson Into the Wild - Jon Krakauer Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe John Steinbeck - Travels with Charley Castaway in Paradise: The Incredible Adventures of True-Life Robinson Crusoes - James C. Simmons Heroes Paul Theroux, Neil Peart Chris's Details Status: Single Here for: Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends, Activities, Penpals, Hanging Out Preference: Straight Hometown: Logan, Utah Body Type: 6' 7" / Some extra baggage Ethnicity: White / Caucasian Religion: Agnostic Smoke / Drink: No / Yes Children: Someday Education: College graduate Occupation: Software Engineer
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